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Please, LORD, remember, you have always been patient and kind (Psalm 25:6, CEV).

D. Adam 2

Red Sunrise – photo courtesy of Donald Adam


This week’s I Love the Psalms theme is patience.

Let’s be honest. While I may not always be patient with others, I certainly want them to be patient with me. That’s why I find today’s verse from the Psalms so interesting. It’s really David’s prayer. Please, LORD, remember, you have always been patient and kind (Psalm 25:6, CEV).

The unspoken side of David’s prayer might go something like this, “Though I have been impatient with you, Lord, and I’ve blown my cool, please don’t be impatient with me.” 

We really need God to be patient with us. If God responded to me in the same way, I have reacted to others, I might be reduced to a cinder in the blink of an eye. My need for God’s patience is extreme. 

I am so thankful the LORD is a patient God.

Response: LORD God, you have been so good to me. You have shown me undeserved kindness. Please continue to be patient with me and help me to become more like Jesus every day. Amen.

Your Turn: Are you impatient with God sometimes?