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You alone are God! Only you are a mighty rock (Psalm 18:31, CEV).


Remic Rapids Park, Ottawa, ON, balanced rock sculptures by John Ceprano — photo by David Kitz


This week’s I Love the Psalms theme is rock.

Repeatedly, throughout the Old Testament God is called a rock. God is a spirit. Why then would God be called a rock? Rock is solid; it’s substantial. A spirit has no substance—no physicality. How then can God be a rock? Nevertheless, today’s verse from the Psalms declares this to be so.

You alone are God! Only you are a mighty rock (Psalm 18:31, CEV).

David, the psalmist, is saying that despite the spiritual nature of God, for him God has substance. He is real. God is as solid and substantial as any rock on which David stood.

How real is God to you? Is he as real to you as the material world? Is He as real to you as your child, your brother or your spouse? Is He as fixed and eternal as the largest rock in the limited universe of your personal experience? That’s how real—how substantial God was to David.

Only when God becomes fully real to us can we say, “Only you are a mighty rock.”

Response: LORD God, become more real to me with each passing day. I want to experience the reality of your presence in my life. Give me faith that is rock solid. Amen.

Your Turn: How real is God to you? Is He more than an idea or a concept?