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The Psalms Speak to our Deepest needs!

Within the Psalms we hear the deepest longings of the human heart. Here we find the full range of human experience—an experience that brings us face to face with God. Our joys and triumphs are reflected here. Our spirits soar to the heavens, but we also plumb the depths of tragic despair. Is it any wonder then, that throughout the ages men and women have found refuge in the Psalms.


237 pages, trade paperback

In the Psalms we find the wellspring of praise. This has been the churches’ fount of worship, from ancient hymns, to stately concertos, to modern praise choruses, they all find their source in the Psalms.

“David Kitz paints pictures with words, taking lessons from Scripture and nature to offer us a three-dimensional, multi-sensory relationship with God.” — Robert L. Briggs, Executive Vice President, American Bible Society

Yes, my devotional study, Psalms Alive! Connecting Heaven and Earth is available for purchase. Click on the link below for reviews and more details.