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Character and personal values: Do they matter? John Weston certainly believes they do.


A guide to values that are personally transformative

As a west coast Member of Parliament, Weston’s values and character were put to the test in government over a seven year period. This 177 page book reflects the values or guiding principles that kept him on track, running his race throughout that hectic period of his life and beyond.

So what are the values that Weston sees as essential for achieving excellence in leadership?

“Eight powerful values are waiting to turn you and others On. Integrity, responsibility, compassion, courage, freedom, equality, fitness and resolve are nothing new. What is new is the need to awaken them.”

Chapter by chapter Weston discusses these values and how they have animated his daily life and work. I found the chapters on fitness and resolve particularly challenging on a personal level. This is a book that calls us higher. It calls us to live out values that are transformative personally, nationally and globally.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to improve their performance in the game of life. As a bonus, those with an eye on the Canadian and international political scene will find many points of interest within these pages.

A book review by David Kitz