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With kids back in school and fall quickly approaching, what  a wonderful time to discover the fascinating explorations of Little Froggy.


Illustration by Mircea Gabor, page 19

So, how do you set limits for your child?  Every parent faces this question.  Little Froggy is about to hop out into that great BIG world, that your child too must face. Why not have your child hop out there with Little Froggy? He has a lot to learn.  Together, they can discover one of the most essential lessons in life: obedience.  And they can have a lot of fun doing it. So, why not come on along? Let’s get hopping!


Little Froggy on the move — illustration by Mircea Gabor — page 13

Author Bio: David Kitz has worked with children for many years, as a parent, a teacher, and as a pastor. He first told “The Little Froggy Story” to his two-year-old son while working in Japan as an English Teacher.

Illustrator Bio: Award winning artist, Mircea Gabor, employed his creative talents to develop the watercolour illustrations that bring Little Froggy to life. For more than ten years his art has been bringing smiles and wonder to children and adults across Canada.

To learn more about this award-winning children’s book visit: https://davidkitz.ca/froggy.php

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