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Soldier bookThe Soldier Who Killed a King

See the triumphal entry of the donkey-riding king through the eyes of Marcus Longinus, the centurion charged with keeping the streets from erupting into open rebellion.

Go behind the scenes at the political plotting of King Herod, known as the scheming Fox for his ruthless shrewdness.

Witness the confrontation between the Jewish high priest Caiaphas and the Roman governor Pontius Pilate.

Understand as never before the horror of the decision to save a brutal terrorist in order to condemn the peaceful Jew to death.

If you’ve heard the story of Passion Week so often it’s become stale, now is the time to rediscover the terrible events leading from Jesus’s humble ride into the city to his crucifixion. The Soldier Who Killed a King will stun you afresh with how completely Christ’s resurrection changed history, one life at a time.

A readable and accurate novel about Jesus Christ’s last week on earth. Kitz portrayal of the collison between pagan Rome and temple Judiam is completely plausible.

Joe Woodard, Calgary Herald

Author Bio: David Kitz is a Bible dramatist and outreach minister with the Foursquare Church.

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For more information on the book visit: https://davidkitz.ca/centurion.php

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For more information on the dramatization visit: https://davidkitz.ca/centurion.php