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Psalms Alive! a 237 page devotional study by David Kitz


David writes with a dramatic and compelling flair, enticing us to meet with God and therein find life. His intent to let God’s Word speak through the psalms is accomplished with theological sensitivity to the sitz im leben and creative application to the context of our lives today. Well done, David! Psalms Alive! helped me inhabit the Word and know Him more.

Rev. Dr. Lawson Murray, President – Scripture Union Canada

“A timely call to stop our mad rush and encounter God in the stillness of prayer and Bible study. David Kitz paints pictures with words, taking lessons from Scripture and nature to offer us a three-dimensional, multi-sensory relationship with God.”

Robert L. Briggs, Executive Vice President, American Bible Society

“Psalms Alive!” is an excellent tool to help any reader engage with God’s Word (specifically 13 Psalms) and therefore engage with God. It is obvious that David Kitz has taken these Psalms into his life and by “listening in” to his thinking the reader can learn to do the same.”

Phil Collins, Ph.D., Executive Director, Taylor Center for Scripture Engagement, Taylor University, Upland, IN

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