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As a leader of a Men’s small group Psalms Alive! is a great springboard for discussion in our covenant group. David presents the scripture, shows how it applies to his life and then leaves you with some questions to challenge you­ – and in my case my brothers – to further dig into the Word he has presented. This book will be a great resource to help us further in our walk and lead us into engaging discussions as well. Thanks David!
Andrew Nicholls, Men’s Bible Study Leader, Ottawa, ON


237 pages, trade paperback

David writes not as if using pen and ink, but as if he was actually in the room with the reader having a fireside chat over a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer). The practical applications and the questions to ponder at the end of each study give the reader a time to reflect on what he has read and a time to “be still” for a few moments to listen for the voice of God to speak and minister to his heart. As David put it so well in the Epilogue of this book, “I meet with God in the Psalms. . .” I too met with God as I read the various Psalms in Psalms Alive! and it was a meeting well worth my time.

Garry Cline, Praise & Worship Leader, N. Manchester Missionary Church, N. Manchester, IN

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