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This Passion of Christ novel, The Soldier Who Killed a King was voted the best book in biblical fiction by Interviews and Reviews.

The Soldier Who Killed a King is David Kitz’s account of Christ’s Passion. It is written from a unique, previously unexplored perspective – the perspective of the centurion, the Roman soldier who gave oversight to Christ’s execution.

Joe Woodard, religion editor for the Calgary Herald calls The Soldier Who Killed a King “a readable and accurate novel about Jesus Christ’s last week on earth. David Kitz’s portrayal of the collision between pagan Rome and Temple Judaism is completely plausible. And as a perfect anecdote to the faux expertise of Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code, Kitz provides over a hundred footnotes and a half-dozen thumbnail biographies at the end of his book.”

Study Guide Opportunities

Here is an opportunity to explore the biblical depth of this topic with a free 7 week study guide. This study is ideal during the Lent and Easter season, but really the message of the cross and the resurrection is appropriate at any time of the year.

Study guide information is listed below. In regards to the study group experience, your feedback and comments are welcome.

For a free PDF of the study guide visit: https://www.davidkitz.ca/centurion.php/free study guide PDF

For book purchases from the author visit: https://www.davidkitz.ca/bookcart/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50

For book purchases from other sources try Amazon or https://www.christianbook.com