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A book review by Tina Williams

Psalms Alive! Connecting Heaven and Earth by David Kitz explores the Psalms through personal vignettes of the author’s reflections on various Psalms. As I read I felt that the author was sitting across from me in a comfy chair sharing the great goodness of God from the heart of a shepherd. The author includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter which helps the reader connect heaven and earth by spending some time meditating on scripture and driving those truths deeper into our hearts so that we are not merely readers or hearers, but also actors in God’s great drama of life!

At times, a sentence or two seems out of place, when the author laments the current state of affairs with our culture, but the main points are brought home in pointing us to the character of God.

One of my favorite quotes which encourages all believers, like athletes, to be engaged with scripture is found in the chapter, From Strength to Strength. “The busy, world-engaged laity is far too often content to coast on the second-hand faith of church leadership. In reality, our own faith muscles need development and regular exercise. If regular spiritual conditioning isn’t taking place, we become weak in our faith. We are fit for the couch, not the pilgrim’s route. We stumble when others question our beliefs. Temptations overwhelm us. Doubts drain us of our spiritual vitality. We conform to the thinking of this world. We are not reaching the world with the message of Christ; the world is reaching us, and pressing us into its mold.”

This book will encourage and inspire the reader to dig deep into the Psalms as the author draws from personal object lessons which help further understand and connect the word to the heart.

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