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A book review by Linda Klager

I loved this book.  It would make a good resource for anyone to get a different perspective on the book of Psalms.  I thought the cover of the book was very appropriate  showing the sky with lightning bolts coming down and touching the green grass.  Isn’t it like that with God – how He shows his power and majesty?

I really like that the author chose Psalms 19 to begin his look at certain chapters of the book of Psalms. In Psalms the author mentioned the first witness (God) speaks through creation. Then the author continues in Psalms 19 mentioning the second witness (God) speaks to us from His Holy Word. The third witness in Psalm 19 is about our response to God. The author painted clear pictures of these Psalms to make the Bible come alive for me.

There were other verses of the Bible from other books of the Bible that corresponded to the verses of the Psalms for all of us to get a bigger picture of what God says to us.  Oh, how we can worship the LORD!

I liked that the author included a section after each chapter that would initiate a response from us to make us think and meditate on these chapters of the Psalms and other Scripture in the Bible.

I give this book 5 stars.  Thank you, David Kitz for a wonderful, thought provoking book.

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