91091c1c225ca3d5ff9392e261a67905Little Froggy Explores the BIG World is an exciting and entertaining story about a frog named Little Froggy. After Little Froggy’s conversation with PAPA Bullfrog, he embarks on a fascinating adventure—an adventure that includes mystery, discovery and danger. Personally, I really like Little Froggy’s first response to danger.

The author makes the story come to life with an amazing selection of words. They are both fun and dramatic. Wow! The pictures in this book are spectacular.

This delightful children’s tale has many rich messages. I liked the message about setting boundaries.

In my opinion, this book is both entertaining and educational. It would be an excellent resource for group discussions — in families, in Public schools and in Sunday schools.

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Nicole Wegscheider — book reviewer

I would highly recommend reading Little Froggy Explores the BIG World.

I discovered this book courtesy of the Ottawa Christian Writers’ Fellowship, a local chapter of The Word Guild.

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