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On Wednesday of this week, I signed a contract for the publication of 365 Days through the Psalms. The publisher is Elk Lake Publishing, a Plymouth, MA, royalty paying publisher. The book will be available for the 2020 Christmas market. Rejoice with me! This is an answer to prayer.


David Kitz — signing the contract

For the next few months I will be busy finalizing the manuscript and working with an editor to get it ready for publication.

Yes, these are the same Psalms devotionals that are posted daily on my WordPress site and on my Facebook page. Now they will be available all together in book form.

This will be my second book on the Psalms. I guess it’s fair to say I love the Psalms. Psalms Alive! was published in 2009, so after ten years it seems right to have another book on the theme of the Psalms.

By the way Psalms Alive! has been one of my top selling books, and it’s still available. The format is quite different than my daily devotional posts since it’s a more in depth, self-guided study of thirteen selected Psalms.

For more information or to purchase Psalms Alive! in Canada from the author click here.

For more information or to purchase Psalms Alive! in USA from Amazon click here.


237 pages, trade paperback