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A seven-week book study is now available for the Passion of Christ novel The Soldier Who Killed a King. The book and the group discussion guide are great resources to prepare your heart for Easter and the message of the cross.

The discussion guide includes a complete list of more than 120 Bible quotations that areSoldier book sprinkled throughout the text of this Bible-based novel.

In an Amazon book review, an adult Sunday School leader had this to say about the book and the study guide:

David Kitz’s “The Soldier Who Killed A King” is a book that transports you to the passion week of Jesus with his triumphal arrival into Jerusalem, his trial and his crucifixion. In a real and tangible way this book made me believe I was there witnessing it all through the eyes of the centurion in charge of Jesus death on the cross.

While the book is historical fiction, it is loaded with biblical references that link the story directly to the Biblical account. You can review each reference in the index if you are interested in over a hundred connections that Kitz has woven into his story.

I used this book in an adult Sunday School class prior to last Easter and it was well-received with many comments about the realism of the time period as described by Kitz. I think “The Soldier Who Killed A King” is one of the best Easter novels I have ever read. I give it 5 stars!

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