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For anyone who is serious about developing a career as a Christian writer, this book is a48117319 (2) true gem. From start to finish, authors Patricia Paddey and Karen Stiller provide a host of tips, and sound advice that can benefit any writer. This holds true for the novice writer as well as the grizzled veteran.

The book is broadly divided into three sections: craft, cost and call, that match the title. The authors don’t hold back in exposing both their successes and failures as writers. It’s great to see your own struggles mirrored by these two professionals. There is an integrity and a candor to their writing that I truly admire.

I was left wanting more from these two authors, especially in section on our God-given call to write. But I see wanting more as a good thing.

For anyone on the writing journey I highly recommend this book. I was introduced to this book through the Ottawa Christian Writers’ Fellowship, which is a local chapter of The Word Guild.