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My regular morning Psalms devotional posts are on a New Year’s Day pause. Instead, here is my personal reflection on the past year.

Here is a brief overview on my year, after all this was 2020—a year to remember. It all began over the 2019 Christmas break with a Holy Spirit nudge to get a heart checkup in the New Year. A series of cardiac tests followed in February and early March. I felt a call to do a 21-day, liquids only fast in February. What a time of drawing close to God that was! For what purpose remained unclear at the time. But God knew what lay ahead, including the great COVID lockdown beginning in mid March..

In May I assumed oversight of Life Bible Institute in Toronto. How this will develop in the months and years to come remains to be seen. I believe the Lord has good plans instore.

As June began and regular hospital routines resumed after the lockdown, I got call after call from the Ottawa Heart Institute. Those tests before the lockdown revealed some major heart issues. On June 30th I was told my heart was enlarged and I needed heart valve repair surgery. This came as quite a shock, since I was feeling great at the time and I was very active. Fourteen days later I suddenly collapsed. A second collapse two days later sent me to hospital by ambulance. On July 24th I had open-heart valve repair surgery. Three valves needed repair. Needless to say, that along with COVID, put a crimp in our summer plans. The remainder of the summer and early fall were all about recovery from major surgery.

Mind Rooms 2020-09-27

Celebrating the release of “Mind Rooms” with my Turkish friends.

So how am I doing? Despite occasional setbacks I’m doing very well, and have resumed almost all my regular activities. I have so much to be thankful for. Karen has been a huge help and comfort to me, during the whole year, and the recovery process. Care from the Heart Institute has been superb. Through it all God has been present and so very faithful.

Despite these difficulties and setbacks, on the writing front, it’s been a very productive year. In late September I completed the translation and celebrated the release of Turkish author Cem Gulbent’s novel, Mind Rooms. Then on December 2nd, volume one of Psalms 365 was released. Volumes two and three will be rolling out over the next six to eight months in 2021. That means all the devotional post that appear daily in this space will be available in book form by mid summer.

Despite heartaches and altered plans, 2020 has been a year to draw close to God and one another. There’s something very beautiful in that.

Karen and I hope you and your family had a splendid Christmas with lots of love and hugs (even if they are virtual.) May God’s peace and blessing rest on you and your household in 2021.

—David Kitz—