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With Lent fast approaching—it begins Wednesday, February 17th—why not plan a journey to the cross and the empty tomb?

There’s nothing quite like a good book to transport you to a different time and plaSoldier800kbce. For thousands of readers The Soldier Who Killed a King has been doing just that. It’s been bringing them directly to Jesus, the cross, and the empty tomb.

Here’s a five star Amazon review from Canada dated February 3rd, 2021:

A New, Yet So Familiar Story
It’s a story every Christian has heard many many times, but never quite like this! David Kitz does an impressive job capturing the historical events expressed in the biblical account of Jesus’ death, and re-presenting them from a new, relatable, and incredibly human perspective. Journeying with this Roman Centurion will lead readers to an intimate encounter with the passion of Jesus Christ.

And from JR in the USA,  January 15, 2021…

“The Soldier Who Killed a King” As Satisfying as Reading Ben Hur

I forgot who suggested this book. If I knew I would thank them. This historical novel is every bit as great as the book Ben Hur.

A free seven week study guide is also available for small groups or personal use.

For book purchases of The Soldier Who Killed a King try Amazon or christianbook.com.