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An Amazon Review
I’ve read this book and enjoyed it. It is biblically accurate and any dramatization never went beyond the realm of reality and plausibility. The thorough research behind the writing is quite obvious.4485 SHARABLE-2

Kitz keeps a tight pace through the narrative and keeps it true to the spirit of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection without ever getting preachy.

I wished there were more books like this. It’s a historical fiction, for sure, but there was nothing within the fiction that would contradict what the Gospels in the Bible describe.

Best of all, the book is intended for general readership and not restricted to Christians. For anyone who would like to enjoy an immensely readable, dramatic, emotional, and accurate account of Easter and the time leading up to it, I highly recommend “The Soldier Who Killed a King.” For Christians, it’s a great read for Lent and Easter.                 — Fast Eddie

To download a free study guide for this high-impact, bible-based novel visit: https://www.davidkitz.ca/centurion.php/free study guide PDF

For book purchases of The Soldier Who Killed a King try Amazon or christianbook.com.