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Amazon.com screenshot April 24, 2021

Last night I was surprised to see Psalms 365: Volume II is ranked number one in new releases in the genre of Christian Old Testament Meditations. Granted the field is not large, but when I last checked on Amazon.com my book ranked ahead of nine others in the category. 

First place—I’ll take it with gratitude and not complain—narrow field or not.

If you routinely follow this blog, you have a good idea what the devotions in this 266 page book look like. They are the in-print version of my weekday posts. Volume II covers Psalm 52 through Psalm 104. And yes, you guessed correctly. Volume I covers Psalm 1 to Psalm 51. Volume I was released in December, 2020. Volume III will be released in late summer, and will conclude the three-book series bringing us through to the final psalm, Psalm 150. The full series provides a Psalm reading and devotional for every day of the year. 

When do you want to start the series? Now is as good a time as any.

Connecting with God daily through the Psalms is a great way to allow the Good Shepherd to guide you to the center of his will.

Volume II of Psalms 365: Develop a Life of Worship and Prayer by award-winning author David Kitz is available now. For a closer look at this #1 new release click here. For a look back at Volume I click here.