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One of the challenges I face as an author is finding readers who are willing to write reviews for my books. At point of sale, when asked, purchasers often agree to write a review, but follow through is often lacking.

I get it. People are busy. People forget. In some cases, newly purchased books sit unread for months or even years.

Why are reviews important? They are a great help to potential readers. Most book sales are online these days, soRGB72PsalmsVol2 reviews take on added significance. As a review writer you are helping potential customers make an important decision. If the book has been beneficial to you, why not tell others about it through a short review?

Your review also serves as an excellent form of feedback for the author. Is there something you particularly liked about the book’s content, or the author’s writing style? Tell her or him about it by writing a review.

Not every book is worthy of a five-star review. Valid criticism well received sharpens an author’s skills. As a published author, I know that’s true for me on a personal level. An honest opinion well expressed is always worthy of serious consideration.

Regular readers of my posts may be aware my daily devotions on the Psalms are now available in book form. And yes, I welcome your reviews of Psalms 365: Develop a Life of Worship and Prayer, Volumes I & II. Volume III will complete the series and is scheduled for release in August. Reviews may be posted on a variety of platforms, such as Goodreads and Amazon. 

You may also wish to checkout other books I have written by typing my name into the Amazon search bar or by visiting my website.

God bless you, and thanks for your help and feedback.