Here are a few endorsement of Psalms 365: Develop a Life of Worship and Prayer the winner of both a Word Award in the devotional/inspirational category and the Grace Irwin Best Book of the Year Award.

I’m not certain I’d be alive without the Psalms. While my wife was losing her family to Huntington’s disease we lived in its inspiring pages. We still do. David’s devotional is a welcome companion on this journey, particularly for those needing a fresh shot of hope.

Phil Callaway
award-winning author & Christian humorist, www.laughagain.org

God uses vessels in his hands to touch us exactly where and when we need it most. In our own experience, David’s daily insights from Psalms have been great. Not just in an educational sense, though that too, but his devotions touch us right where we need it. And often, it’s a word we can then share with a friend in need in a timely manner. Online and now in book form, both are a blessing!

Pastors Marjorie and Akihiro Mizuno
Christian Life International, Nagoya, Japan

The main body parts for reading the Bible aren’t the eyes and brain; it’s the hands and feet. This theme is woven throughout Psalms 365. As it should be! The focus on living the Word, or as James puts it, “doing it” (James 1:25) is what makes this study in the Psalms top-notch.

Dr. Lawson Murray
President, Scripture Union Canada

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