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A Book Review

The subtitle of this book by Ken Symington is “Discovering the Father Heart of God”. Really, that’s what21273063 this book is all about. Sadly, all too often our earthly fathers are a poor reflection of our heavenly Father’s care and love.

Symington approaches this topic with a great deal of care and sensitivity. The abused or neglected child can find comfort in these pages. The sad truth is our picture of God is often distorted by our relationship with our earthly father. We transfer our father’s shortcomings onto our concept and understanding of God the Father. Chapter by chapter Symington works to correct these distortions so we can see our Father God in a new light—the true light of Scripture.

I found his description of Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son and the father’s love particularly insightful.

This book changed my perspective on the first person of the Trinity—God the Father. For that reason I give it a five star rating.