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Why dig into the Psalms?

Perhaps Christian humorist Phil Callaway of www.laughagain.org provides the best answer in his endorsement of Psalms 365:

I’m not certain I’d be alive without the Psalms. While my wife was losing her family to Huntington’s disease we lived in its inspiring pages. We still do. David’s devotional is a welcome companion on this journey, particularly for those needing a fresh shot of hope. 

In a world of disease, war, and political and economic turmoil, more than ever, we need the hope and encouragement the Psalms can bring. These daily devotions provide the hope and encouragement we all need to live out our faith.

Psalms 365 is specifically designed to help you develop a life of worship and prayer like the biblical David. Let award-winning author David Kitz take you on a journey—a journey to a deeper understanding of God’s will and his ways for your life. Each daily reading provides insight and inspiration for practical Christian living, allowing the Good Shepherd to guide you to the center of his will.

For a closer look at Psalms 365, Volumes I, II & III click here.