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David treated the people fairly
    and guided them with wisdom (Psalm 78:72, CEV).

Tomb of David Entrance - Lois Morrow

At the entrance to the Museum of the Tomb of David — photo courtesy of Lois Morrow.


This week’s I Love the Psalms theme is wisdom.

Today’s verse from the Psalms tells us that David exemplified wisdom.

David treated the people fairly and guided them with wisdom (Psalm 78:72, CEV).

In yesterday’s post we learned that respect and obedience to the LORD is the first step to wisdom and good sense (Psalm 111:10). Obviously to receive such a commendation, David must have lived his life in a healthy fear and respect for the LORD. On more than one occasion David fell into sin, but when he messed up, he repented. He humbled himself and turned back to God. 

David earned this commendation because of how he treated others; he treated people fairly. David showed mercy because he had received mercy. Do we do the same?

Jesus taught us to pray, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  Just like David we act wisely, when we do what we pray, when we show mercy because we have received mercy.

Response: LORD God, I want to act wisely in my interactions with others. Help me to treat people fairly, even as I would want to be treated. Jesus, show me your way. Amen.

Your Turn: What does fair treatment mean for you? Does it mean getting even?