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What would it have been like to live in the geopolitical center of the first-century world, when donkeys and camels were the cars and trucks, conversations over goblets of wine were the social media, and religious conflict influenced every facet of life? What would it have been like to live under the pagan, political domination of Roman tyranny, while also under the oppressive ritualistic control of hypocritical religious bigots? What would it have been like to live in the very week that this dark, confused world was invaded by heaven—a week when history shifted from BC to AD?

Soldier bookThis gripping story offers its readers a front-row seat from which we can view the action. It’s a hidden camera on the helmet of a primary witness of the history-altering drama when the Sovereign of the Universe, quietly riding a lowly donkey, overthrew the pomp and dominion of the most powerful kingdom this world had ever known. More than that, it’s a look into the mind and heart of a man, not unlike you or me, who wrestled with the meaning and purpose of life.

As you read the thoughtful eyewitness account of Marcus Longinus, the Roman centurion, the soldier who killed a king, you’ll feel his anxiety and anguish as well as exult in his ultimate answers because—despite the differences of time and culture—his story is our story.

Dr. Barry Buzza
President Emeritus
Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada

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