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There’s something innately powerful about good literature. The characters and events we read about can become very real to us. We come to know these people; their experiences become our own.

For nearly 3,000 years people have been getting in touch with God through the sacred literature from the Book of Psalms. Generation after generation has drawn strength, comfort and inspiration from the words of the psalmist.

In times of calamity the psalms bring peace. When storms rage within, a psalm can provide a haven of rest. When anger erupts, a psalm can act as a release valve. When God seems distant, the psalms bring us near.

Lila Diller Collage - all photos courtesy of Unsplash

Collage composed by Lila Diller with photos selected from Unsplash

Psalms Alive! Connecting Heaven and Earth is a devotional study of thirteen selected psalms. Each chapter is designed to help the reader interact with God’s word, and connect with their Creator in a fresh and living way.

There is something surprisingly practical about the psalms. They are meant to be lived.


237 pages, trade paperback

The Bible is in fact a living document that must be applied to life to be effective. This should not surprise us since, “The word of God is living and active” (Hebrews 4:12a). Author David Kitz draws from other biblical sources and real life experiences to make these psalms come alive for you.

There is power in the unchanging word of God. Why not experience that power for yourself? Discover Jesus, the Good Shepherd, walking off the pages of the psalms and into your life.