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How do you connect with God?

For three thousand years, God has been connecting with humankind through the prophetic prayer, praise and poetry of the biblical Psalms. Come follow David, the shepherd king, the man after God’s own heart, as we begin a journey to intimacy with God. Discover for yourself what a soul-bonding relationship with God looks like.

As never before, let the psalms come alive for you!

Psalms Alive! can be best described as a 237-page devotional study of thirteen selected psalms spanning a total of twenty-six chapters.

In typical devotional style each chapter begins with a psalm or psalm portion. Then for five or six pages the author discusses this portion by bringing other scripture to bear, drawing from his personal life experience or relating powerful stories that illustrate the key thoughts highlighted in this psalm. Each chapter then ends with a number of questions or action prompts that are aimed at bringing the psalm to life for the reader. By including these questions, the book lends itself easily to group study and discussion.

The twenty-six chapter format provides a half year of curriculum material for churches or study groups that wish to grow their love for God through engaging with the Psalms.  Of course Psalms Alive! works equally well as a personal study anchored in the unchanging truths of God’s word.

Endorsements for Psalms Alive!

“A timely call to stop our mad rush and encounter God in the stillness of prayer and Bible study. David Kitz paints pictures with words, taking lessons from Scripture and nature to offer us a three-dimensional, multi-sensory relationship with God.”

Robert L. Briggs, Executive Vice President, American Bible Society

David writes with a dramatic and compelling flair, enticing us to meet with God and therein find life. His intent to let God’s Word speak through the psalms is accomplished with theological sensitivity to the sitz im leben and creative application to the context of our lives today. Well done, David! Psalms Alive! helped me inhabit the Word and know Him more.

Rev. Dr. Lawson Murray, President – Scripture Union Canada

American readers can click on this link to purchase Psalms Alive! Connecting Heaven and Earth. 

This 237 page devotional study is also available directly from the author by clicking here.