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How do you connect with God? For three thousand years, God has been connecting with humankind through the prophetic prayer, praise and poetry of the biblical Psalms.  Come follow David, the shepherd king, the man after God’s own heart, as we begin a journey to intimacy with God. Discover for yourself what a soul-bonding relations with God looks like.

As never before, let the psalms come alive for you!

In the art of effective communication, context is everything. David Kitz’s gift of communications is clearly demonstrated in Psalms Alive! as one is brought into the context in which the selected psalms were  written.

Ted Seres, NATIONAL DIRECTOR, Canadian Bible Society

Author Bio: David Kitz is an ordained minister, a teacher and an award-winning author. He is passionate about bringing the Bible to life through the medium of drama.

For more information on the PSALMS ALIVE! book visit: https://davidkitz.ca/psalms.phpJames Tht

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For more information on a PSALMS ALIVE! dramatization visit: https://davidkitz.ca/psalms.php