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In a recent discussion with the head of Elk Lake Publishing, we reached a decision to publish 385 Days through the Psalms as a three volume set. We are still on track to have the first book released this summer, with the second book coming in the fall, and the third volume in early 2021.

At the end of the editing process the manuscript totaled 735 pages. That makes for quite a hefty book. Moving to three volumes will result in books of a more manageable size. It also allows for multiple release dates and hopefully a growing readership with the release of each new book.

Sample CoverThe first volume will cover January through April, the second volume May through August, and the third volume September through December.   

Yes, the devotions in these books will be largely identical to my daily online posts. But let’s face it. Some people just like the look and feel of a book. In addition, you can’t underline or mark up an online post, but you are free to do just that with a book.

More information on 385 Days through the Psalms will be coming as the release approaches.

In the meantime, Psalms Alive! Connecting Heaven and Earth is still available on my website, and through other sources such as Amazon and Christianbook.com.