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What benefit can you gain from reading and studying the Psalms? Here are five direct benefits as I see them:

  • The Psalms model prayer–prayer as it should be. The Psalms are the “Prayer Book” of the Bible.
  • The Psalms model praise and worship for us. How are we to worship God? The Psalms provide the pattern. Down through the ages, they have inspired thousands of songwriters. The Psalms are the “Hymn Book” of the Bible.
  • The Psalms are prophetic. With uncanny accuracy they point to the advent, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. The Psalms trumpet the authority and authenticity of God’s Word.
  • The Psalms hold up a mirror to our souls. They reflect the trials and triumphs of the human condition. The Psalms are about life–life lived with our Creator.
  • The Psalms are relational. They model how we are to live with God and others. They are intended as two-way communication at the deepest level. The Psalms connect us with God.

Psalms 365: Develop a Life of Worship and Prayer is a wonderful way to daily get into reading and meditating on the the Psalms. To learn more click here.