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Do you need guidance for your life? Have you established spiritually healthy patterns for worship and prayer? How can you develop a closer walk with the Good Shepherd?

Award-winning author, David Kitz, explores the answers to these questions in this 265 page devotional book.

Psalms 365: Develop a Life of Worship and Prayer; Volume I
by Elk Lake Publishing is the first book in a three volume set. The three volumes take you through all 150 Psalms in the Bible with a devotional reading for every day of the year.

Volume I of this trilogy has won the Grace Irwin Prize, Canada’s largest literary award for writers who are Christian.

In his endorsement of David Kitz’s trilogy, internationally renowned author and humorist Phil Callaway states, “I’m not certain I’d be alive without the Psalms. While my wife was losing her family to Huntington’s disease we lived in its inspiring pages. We still do. David’s devotional is a welcome companion on this journey, particularly for those needing a fresh shot of hope.”

During trying times such as these with a raging pandemic, perhaps we all need a fresh shot of hope.

David Kitz’s books are available through Amazon. Simply enter his name in the search bar.