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It’s very gratifying to have reputable people say good things about a book you have written. The following endorsements mean a lot to me:

“The best book I have read in years. A compelling read—I couldn’t put it down.” Doug Sprunt, One Way Ministries

“The most gripping account of the crucifixion I have ever read.” Wilf Wight, eastern Ontario district director, Canadian Bible Society

Soldier 800kb

New from David Kitz and Kregel Publishing — now available for preorder

“I was at the foot of the cross. I stepped inside the empty tomb. This book took me there.” Robert DuBroy, cofounder of CHRI-FM, Ottawa, Ontario

“An awesome read: captivating, spellbinding, inspiring! Through the author’s masterful writing, the centurion stood out as a real and personable individual. . . . The book also helped me visualize Jesus, my Savior, and his person and work for the forgiveness of my sins, for my daily walk, and for the eternal life he has in store for all who believe.” Cliff Kentel, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Regina, Saskatchewan

“A readable and accurate novel about Jesus Christ’s last week on earth. David Kitz’s portrayal of the collision between pagan Rome and temple Judaism is completely plausible. And as a perfect antidote to the faux expertise of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, Kitz provides over a hundred endnotes and a handful of thumbnail biographies at the end of his book.” Joe Woodard, Calgary Herald

“Story has a way of capturing our attention and enabling truth to move from head to heart. David Kitz creatively unpacks the events of Passion Week as seen through a Roman centurion’s eyes. Through vivid word pictures, we see the whip-sliced back of our Savior and hear the pounding of each nail that affixed him to the cross. We walk these last steps of Jesus’s earthly ministry, leading to his death, burial, and triumphant resurrection from the dead. Kitz better helps us to do as the apostle John encourages: ‘See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!’ (1 John 3:1).” Dean Ridings, author of The Pray! Prayer Journal and communications director of Navigator Church Ministries

“This engaging, hard-hitting narrative is a distillation of Kitz’s study and prayer over fifty years as a pastor and educator, steeped in the wonder of this story. As a novelist, he reveals profound respect for the historical record through his characterization of Marcus Longinus, a Roman centurion who is unwillingly caught in the power struggles of the day. In contrast to the stench of these political machinations, the donkey-riding King emerges in the Roman world offering an entirely new way for humankind to be reborn. The Roman centurion is like us, caught between worlds. Who is king? Why? The Son of God shows unlimited compassion through healing the sick and feeding the hungry, and his purity catches the attention of the masses in a drama that still shakes the world, one aching, open, humble heart at a time.” Dr. Darlene L. Witte-Townsend, former professor of education, Johnson State College

“One of the most exceptional biblical fiction books I have ever read. I was struck by the everyday events and people affected by the dramatic climax of the cross, which Kitz presents on an equal level with Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Extremely well documented historically and biblically, the narrative transports you back in time and evokes both grief and thanksgiving as you follow the soldier’s own emotional turmoil in grappling with the dramatic events of the darkest day in history. Like him you will be led to cry out in both despair and trust, ‘Surely this was the Son of God!’” Heather Goodwin, former manager of the Baptist Bookroom, New Brunswick

“David Kitz has written an intriguing book. Taking the point of view of the centurion who crucified Christ is new and fresh and gives the reader much to contemplate. Even though I knew the story, I felt compelled to read on to see how Kitz would unfold the drama. Excellently done!” Tami Waring, Officers’ Christian Fellowship, Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base

For the month of June The Soldier Who Killed a King is available for preorder from Kregel Publishing for the early bird price of $10.99. The worldwide release date is July 25th.

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