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Psalms Alive! Connecting Heaven and Earth can be best described as a devotional study of thirteen selected psalms. The writing is devotional in that its goal is to have the reader reflect, ponder and apply the truths of the psalms, but unlike a typical devotional these readings do not end after a page. Each chapter or reading is about 5-6 pages in length and it ends with a number of questions or suggested activities to make that psalm come alive for the reader. In this way the author examines thirteen psalms in the space of twenty-six chapters—237 pages. The questions or application portion of each chapter make this book ideal for small group discussion. The goal throughout, as the subtitle suggests, is for the reader to connect to connect with God—to connect heaven and earth by means of the psalms.

Jenny Burr’s Review Sample Cover
How can words written so long ago be relevant today? In Psalms Alive! author David Kitz reveals how the Lord has spoken to him through the Psalms. Kitz draws on his experiences as a pastor, teacher, writer, father and dramatist to bring these words alive. His personal accounts of the scripture and how they relate to his life provide connections for the reader to make in their own life. He adds historical background information to the Psalms and this enhances the reader’s experience. Reading “Psalms Alive!” will certainly make the Psalms come alive!