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biblical-fiction-award-2017_origWhat sets this book apart is perspective. We view the events of Passion Week—from Palm Sunday through to the resurrection—through the eyes of the Roman centurion, who at the foot of the cross made this startling confession, “Surely he was the Son of God!” See Matthew 27:54.

Many may view a work of biblical fiction as an inferior vehicle with which to look at these events. But in his ministry, Jesus regularly used stories to convey truth. Stories such as the Prodigal Son or the Good Samaritan are prime examples of this.

Award-winning author, David Kitz, has gone to great lengths to maintain biblical accuracy. This includes the direct integration of more than a hundred biblical quotes into the story text. The endnotes at the back of the book attest to this thorough integration. This study guide provides you with a complete chapter by chapter list of these references.

Study Guide Opportunities

Whether through an online study group, or a church or home-based study group, here is an opportunity to explore the biblical depth of this topic with a free 7 week study guide. This study is ideal during the Lent and Easter season, but the message of the cross and the resurrection is appropriate at any time of the year.

Study guide information is listed below. In regards to the study group experience, your feedback and comments are welcome.

For a free PDF of the study guide visit: https://www.davidkitz.ca/centurion.php/free study guide PDF

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