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A Book Review

“The Scars Show His Glory” can be characterized as a testimonial book. It is a personal 41800141testimony to the healing and sustaining power of God.

As a young teen the author, Ralph Lucien, developed a fast-growing cancer tumor that required massive brain surgery. The book goes into considerable detail about the extent of the tumor and the complexity of the surgery, but it also explores Ralph’s faith, and the faith of his mother as they faced those difficult days.

Here is a favorite quote from this book:

“God’s love and comfort are more powerful than our pain.” — Ralph Lucien

Due to two rounds of surgery, Ralph’s face has been permanently scared. But he has also experienced divine healing and the grace and presence of God in his life. This short 92-page book recounts Ralph’s journey through those very trying times. From personal experience he believes the healing power of God is available today, and he quotes a good deal of scripture to prove his point.

Jesus emerged from the grave triumphant but with scars. Ralph Lucien has also emerged from his bout with cancer triumphant but with scars.

This book portrays a radiant, overcoming, contagious faith in the healing and saving power of Jesus. Today’s world needs a healthy dose of that kind of contagion.