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This 288-page historical novel takes you on a fast paced ride through Christ’s passion, from his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, to his suffering and death, and finally his resurrection. We see all this through the eyes of the Roman centurion Marcus Longinus. In this account the author stays true to the biblical record by incorporating more than a hundred direct bible quotes. 4485 SHARABLE-1


“A readable and accurate novel about Jesus Christ’s last week on earth. David Kitz’s portrayal of the collision between pagan Rome and temple Judaism is completely plausible. And as a perfect anecdote to the faux expertise of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, Kitz provides over a hundred endnotes and a handful of thumbnail biographies at the end of his book.” –Joe Woodard, Calgary Herald 

“An awesome read: captivating, spellbinding, inspiring! Through the author’s masterful writing, the centurion stands out as a real and personable individual. . . . The book also helped me visualize Jesus, my Savior, and his person and work for the forgiveness of my sins, for my daily walk, and for the eternal life he has in store for all who believe.” –Cliff Kentel, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Regina, Saskatchewan 

“I was at the foot of the cross. I stepped inside the empty tomb. This book took me there.” –Robert DuBroy, cofounder of CHRI-FM, Ottawa, Ontario 

“The best book I have read in years. A compelling read–I couldn’t put it down.” –Doug Sprunt, One Way Ministries 

“The most gripping account of the crucifixion I have ever read.” –Wilf Wight, eastern Ontario district director, Canadian Bible Society

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